Humanitarian innovation: A student’s perspective

The Warren Centre Professor Ron Johnston Humanitarian Innovation Awards have become a highlight in the engineering student calendar since establishment in 2019, and have attracted fierce competition amongst university undergraduates throughout Australia. You will be impressed and inspired with the brilliant and innovative solutions the students have created in response to a broad range of diverse engineering challenges in community development and post disaster reconstruction – solutions which have practical application for humanitarian engineering in developing countries and fragile states. ​

​From more than 100 entries over the past 3 years of this important National Competition, the Hub has assembled a number of the Award Winners to present their solutions for you. ​

​The projects respond to challenges as diverse as the Rohingya refugee crisis in Cox’s Bazaar, development needs in Pacific Islands countries, vital planning for natural disasters, and present engineering solutions to problems of shelter and wellbeing, climate change, disaster resilience, safety and security, food, sanitation and water quality.


  • Ella Lambert
  • Georgia Odlin​
  • Jimmy Deng
  • Sharon Davids​
  • Ivy He
  • Mansour Adie


  • Ashley Brinson, host of Humanitarian Innovation Awards 2019-2021​

Presentations will be followed by a Q&A session with the featured winning presenters

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Feb 16, 2022
8:00am - 9:15am